About Me

Michelle grew up in Brampton, Ontario as a single child and one of two grandchildren. Michelle learned at an early age about spending time with herself and being alone with her thoughts. Michelle always felt as if someone were with her and never felt alone. As she grew into a young adult, she was guided by her aunt who was very spiritual to pay attention to the world around her and acknowledge her gifts. 

Many years went on, Michelle married and after the marriage was over, she began an in-depth journey on a spiritual path that she ignored for years. Meditation became a daily practice, attending women’s circles a weekly occurrence, and eventually being attuned in Usui Reiki Level 1. Nothing was ever the same again as this was a turning point that led Michelle to a deeper spiritual connection with Gaia/ Mother Earth. A year later, she was attuned to Utisu Reiki 2 and she began sharing her gifts with a few close friends and family.

Sharing life force energy was her passion, yet Michelle never thought that she would be a Reiki practitioner when she started this journey. But at every corner she turned there it was in her path, and she finally surrendered to receiving her attunement for Holy Fire Master Reiki 3. Since then she has looked back on her life with a deeper understanding of why she was led down this path. Michelle now understands the true meaning of surrender. And that’s how Purple Moon Healing Group was born.

Michelle is also a connector, facilitator and entrepreneur, advocate and mentor to businesswomen across Canada, and a venerable pillar of our local business culture. As a grassroots creator of several incredible networking groups that promote business sharing, collaboration, vision casting and support, Michelle believes in the power of writing one’s own destiny. Her passion to lead and assist others has brought her down the spiritual path of using her empathic abilities to help others find their way back to their true selves.