Magickal Rituals to Embrace your inner Witch for Spring Equinox ~ Ostara

Magickal Rituals to Embrace your inner Witch for Spring Equinox ~ Ostara

Join us to learn more about the celebration of Ostara & The Spring Equinox and the rituals behind this esoteric times.

Prior to the Ritual (optional)

Witches know that the first and most important tool for any magic is… you. Your being. Your presence. Your attention. So give yourself a reboot and do a one-day Spring Equinox cleanse. You could fast completely for sunlight hours, drink only juice for the day, eat only raw for the day, or try eliminating processed foods. OR, if this does not fit your lifestyle then simply try to eat intentionally, giving gratitude for the food you are blessed with. By holding an intention for your cleanse, you’ll elevate it into a magical practice. Be sure to write it down, so you can keep referring back to it throughout the day.

The Day of the Ritual

What you will need (if you would like to partake in the ritual- you can just observe)

  • Any type of seed and a pot with some soil/dirt. (hit the $ store- get a planting pack with herbs or veggies)
  • a candle
  • a mock altar or created altar
  • a few pieces of paper to write intentions
  • meditation pillow

Investment $10.00

Please register before 7pm on the day of the event.

Link for zoom will be sent to you the day of the event after registration.


Can’t wait to see you all.


  • no refunds


Mar 22 2021


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm





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