Mediumship: Learning/ Practice

Newbie or expert, join us while we work in a group to practice our mediumship skills. Whether you would like to bring in a missed friend or family member to pass a message, or you want to connect with the spirits of others.
Here is what we will be learning:
  • Breaking off into groups and providing your partner with a person whom you are familiar with to proactive their skills
  • Group lead exercise to practice Truth Testing (TT) & Discernment
  • Connecting individually to your own selected person for a message
What you will need:
  • quiet place to work
  • pendulum
  • oracle card deck
  • a photo of a person we will use in the breakout session (keep the details quiet about your person)
For this event: Please sign up by Monday at 12 p.m. We need enough people for breakout session planning.
Can’t wait to meet all of your friends!!
Investment $11.11
Click here to sign up.


May 02 2022


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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