Summer Solstice Soiree & Litha Celebration

Summer Solstice ushers in the first day of summer & the longest day of the year!

As the June solstice approaches, Earth is positioning in its orbit so that our world’s North Pole is leaning mostly toward the sun.    As seen from Earth, the sun is directly overhead at noon 23 degrees north of the equator, at an imaginary line circling the globe known as the Tropic of Cancer – named after the constellation Cancer the Crab.

Join us virtually! You can attend, watch and feel the energy or you can take part in our ceremony.

We will be moving through a enchanting meditation, dipping our feet in blessed water, and walking through a Litha Ceremony

Location: Zoom

What you will need:

  • Meditation pillows
  • Bucket Large enough for your feet
  • Flower petals/ herbs
  • Journal
  • White candle
  • Spoon of honey

Investment: $11.11 

Register Here:

Although arrival is at 10am we need time to get to our location.


Please feel free to email me at should you have any questions.


** No refunds


Jun 21 2021


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm





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