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  • In Person Energy Share~ Merging of Energy

    Hey Soul Peeps! Have you ever wanted to share your energy with others for love & healing and don’t know how? Maybe you overthink it? Some of your maybe Reiki attuned, have you ever been to attend a reiki share? If you would like to walk through the practice of merging with another person’s energy […]

  • Circle~Oracle Cards

    Join is for Thursdays Circle & Oracle Cards @ 11:30PM EST! This is an opportunity to talk about the struggles of your spiritual path, or life and to be guided by spirit herself with a oracle card pull. This event is free! All are welcome!   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87092891797 Blessings,   Michelle

  • *Morning Ground Open Connect Monday*

      Starting our day can be a little all over the place with working from home, getting kids ready for school, packing lunches…. Creating routine is key. Beginning our day ensuring that we are Grounded has been proven to help us focus, stay present and make better choices. We start by grounding ourselves in the […]